Hybrid solar is still grid-tied but has a battery bank available so that excess energy is used to charge the batteries. Stored energy can then be used in the evenings and overnight. Hybrid solar inverters also have an emergency power function so that essential loads can be run off the solar panels or batteries in the event of a power failure.


How hybrid solar works

A hybrid solar panel array is mounted usually on the roof, capturing sunlight and converting it to DC electricity. The power is sent to an inverter which converts the electricity to regular household 230V AC power.

The inverter sends the power to the mains switchboard for use in your home.

When there is excess power being generated by the panels, the inverter sends it to a battery bank for storage. If the batteries are full, it is feed into the grid.

If the panels are not producing enough power to meet consumption i.e. at night, electricity is drawn from the batteries and converted and sent to the switchboard. When there is not enough power in the batteries, or you want to save it for another time, electricity is fed in from the grid to power the switchboard.

There are several battery products available including the LG Chem and Tesla batteries which require a separate charger, in the form of a hybrid inverter or the new SMA Sunny Boy home. There are also standalone units like the Panasonic and Enphase which can couple to any existing grid-tied inverter.


Watch how hybrid systems work

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