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How Sunergy is a sustainable business

We see our role as being players on the leading edge of empowering New Zealand into an exciting, sustainable business and energy supply future, by both what we do and how we do it. 

Our passion has always been to provide Kiwis with the best in service, products and solutions. With solar energy being such an important part of New Zealand’s transition to 100% renewable and lower-cost energy, this adds a whole new level of impetus to what we do.

To reach New Zealand’s target of 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and carbon neutrality by 2050 along with meeting rapidly increasing energy demand, a greater generation capacity of renewable-sourced energy is needed.  Bring it on—that’s where we shine!

We align our business values to reflect this underlying ethos—doing things in better ways to look after society and the environment as best we can, for the part we play.

toitu enviromark gold certification logo

Toitū enviromark gold certification


Sunergy Solar is a Toitū enviromark gold certified organisation. We are proud to take science based action to sustain the life of this place, our people and our future.
Our certified environmental management system ensures we can continually improve the way we impact our environment.

What our gold certification means


As a Toitū enviromark gold certified organisation, we have developed a comprehensive plan to help achieve our goals outlined in our formal environmental policy. We are measuring our impacts so that we can better manage them. Sunergy Solar has the basis of a robust environmental management system in place.


  • Toitū enviromark certification means our environmental management system has been independently verified.
  • Toitū Together: we are part of a like-minded community of over 400 organisations taking science-based action for a better environment. To date, programme members have reduced over 8.7 million tonnes of CO 2 e.
  • Toitū enviromark programme requirements meet and exceed international standards and best practices, including ISO 14001.

Toitū Envirocare believes that together we can build momentum, inspire change and take credible action toward a sustainable world. Based on science and backed by proof, our Toitū carbonreduce, Toitū carbonzero and Toitū enviromark certifications give organisations the tools to reduce their carbon emissions and environmental impact for the sustainability of our economy, our people, and our land.

The Toitū enviromark programme ensures organisations are meaningfully managing their environmental impacts through a mentoring approach. Through the programme, organisations develop, implement and maintain a robust Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is independently audited annually to ensure it meets stringent requirements of continual improvement, applicable regulations and international standards. Organisations identify the significant environmental impacts arising from their activities, and develop plans to prevent or reduce those impacts.

What have we done to achieve this?


  • identified and established Objectives, Targets, and KPIs
  • implemented and maintained Environmental Programmes to address significant environmental aspects
  • processes in place to Monitor significant environmental aspects
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response processes in place to prepare for and respond to potential emergency situations
  • processes for Evaluation of compliance which assess and correct compliance issues to ensure ongoing compliance.
  • Environmental Programmes in place to comply with legal and other requirements
  • determined the Context and Scope of your Organisation
  • Can demonstrate Leadership and Commitment by Top Management in allocating appropriate personnel and resources to the EMS
  • assigned and communicated Roles, Responsibilities and Authorities for the EMS


Our Sustainability measures, projects & plans


Sunergy Solar are passionate about making a difference through what we do—and how we do it. We believe being environmentally responsible is hugely important part of that.

Below is our Environmental and Sustainability policy.

Stay tuned to see what we have been up to and where we plan to grow more sustainable for the future.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua
As man disappears from sight, the land remains

Sunergy Solar aim to embody Kaitiakitanga—Guardianship and Conservation. We value the people and environment that we are part of, which as Kaitiaki we have a responsibility to respect and protect. We accept that we must conduct our business with focus and drive in this manner. This is a walk that we must take as a company. Every step that we take, we must consider and act in a manner that ensures ongoing preservation and regeneration of our society and environment.


This Environmental and Sustainability Policy aims to integrate a philosophy of sustainable development into all of Sunergy Solar’s activities and to establish and promote sound environmental practice in our operations.


Sunergy Solar will:

  • Maintain awareness of relevant environmental legislation and good practice to ensure that minimum standards are met and, where practicable, exceeded,
  • Protect the environment and prevent pollution,
  • Assist others, through implementation of our product, to achieve their sustainability goals, and
  • Continually improve our performance relating to the above. We will achieve this by:
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace,
  • Reducing, reusing and recycling resources,
  • Measuring and reducing waste to landfill,
  • Seeking to partner with other stakeholders who share this view,
  • Including social and environmental consideration when making decisions, prioritising where possible suppliers who support this same approach,
  • Considering and reducing where possible our carbon emissions by;
    • Avoiding unnecessary travel by making use of technology,
    • planning trips to make the most efficient use of the distance travelled,
    • Considering fuel efficiency and emissions when selecting and maintaining company vehicles,
  • Having an environmentally aware culture, where responsibility is assigned and understood,
  • Enhancing awareness among our employees, clients and suppliers – educating and motivating them to act in an environmentally responsible manner,
  • Being an environmentally responsible neighbour in our community,
  • Monitoring and assessing, usually monthly, our conduct and progress towards these targets,
  • Partnering with Toitū to audit our systems and policy, working towards EnviroMark certification.
SEANZ Best Environmental Impact award
SEANZ Environmental Impact award 2022

Environmental Awards

SEANZ 2021:
Best Environmental Impact Award runner up

SEANZ 2022:
Best Environmental Impact Award

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